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This is the newest drabble comm for the Heroes fandom.

Some General Rules:
1. Challenges will be closed and a new one open every Monday morning.

2. Please try to keep your word counts to 100 words. It's okay if you go over by a few words, but no long prose.

3. Multiple drabbles per author are welcome. The more stories that we have to read, the better :D

4. Feel free to incorporate any kind of writing that you like, including crossovers and AU's, as long as the bulk of the story is about the Heroes characters.

5. Please stick to the prompt given that week.

6. There's no specific way for you to make a header. However, I will say that if you're wanting your story to end up in the newsletter, it would be good for you to at least have title, rating, pairing (or gen), and any spoilers used.