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Sick Reminders

Title - Sick Reminders
Character(s) - Niki, implied Jessica
Fandom - Heroes
Rating - PG
Warning - Dark! drabble, implied violence
Prompt(s) - heroes_drabbles  - BFF and writers_choice  - remember
Word count - 100
Author's Note - This takes place either just before or a little while after Niki realizes something is 'off' about herself. Might be confusing to non-Heroes fans. Kinda dark. Kudos to those who get the implications here.

Her dreams were violent. Sounds of screaming and begging plagued them. The smell of blood perforated them.

Niki always woke up in cold sweats, confused as to why her muscles ached and the taste of bile on her tongue. In the back of her mind, a heavy cloud of regret weighed on her. It was hard to face the mirror most days anymore. It was like she wasn't even seeing herself anymore. A shower always helped her feel better though. Except this morning, when she stepped out the shower, she saw a message on the foggy mirror.

Remember - BFF


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