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Electric Kiss

Title - Electric Kiss
Pairing - Elle/Claire
Fandom - Heroes
Rating - PG
Warning - Femslash
Prompt(s) - heroes_drabbles  - OTP and femslash100 - chain
Word count - 100
Author's Note - x.x; Sorry for the late post. I had this written down in my notebook but didn't type it up until a few minutes ago. T-T Since I wrote it up already, I'm posting it anyway (I won't mess up like this again, I'm usually more on time... Sometimes. ^^;;; ). ><; Sorry, for the late post.

The chain of events that had led Elle and Claire from enemies to traveling companions, bonded them closer then either had expected. Huddled together in a shabby hotel along their rout to Pinehearst, Elle sobbed quietly, thinking the cheerleader had fallen asleep some time ago. She was surprised by the cheerleader turning and pulling her into a hesitant, but warm hug.

"Don't..." Elle sobbed, her electricity trickling into the blonde.

"Shut up."

Unsure of why she was doing so, Elle sought Claire's lips, her body discharging more electricity into the cheerleader. She was surprised when she realized Claire was smiling.

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